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Advantages of Partnering with Summit Purchasing Solutions

  • Prices for the individual companies are lowered based on the negotiation power of the entire group. this also reduces the redundancy of the work and time spent on purchasing that is required by each individual business working alone. 
  • Less time and money are spent on transactional activities and can be devoted to core business practices, thus increasing profits. 
  • There is a direct correlation between lowering purchasing costs, improving over-all profits, and the increase in sales required to achieve the same results. For example: based on the size of the business, to achieve a 3% increase in profits, the business would need to reduce operational costs by approximately 7% or, increase their sales by as much as 20%. 
  • Purchasing costs will be predictable and consistent, unlike some vendor programs offering short-term price reductions soon followed by price creep equal to or greater than the original cost of the item. Consistent, predictable costs will result in improvements in forecasting and budgeting. 
  • The individual businesses will become part of a large network that shares best practices on products, pricing, and vendor effectiveness and customer relations. 

To achieve the maximum advantages of a Group Purchasing Organization (GPO), the involvement of "C" level management is highly recommended.


Summit Purchasing Solutions has a foundation of 18 years of group purchasing experience in the medical and non-profit arenas, this group purchasing concept is cased on the aggregated purchasing power of the total membership and gives individual members economies of scale that cannot be achieved by working as a single business. 


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